Sunday, February 19, 2012

Only Pictures I have of November

Cousins hanging out and decorating tree together for Christmas that was just around the corner.

And then it was Christmas.

Halloween 2011 continued

Just a few more pics I forgot from the night we went to the Nightmare Express ride.

They full on decorated everything, including the waiting line that had seating with Halloween cartoons playing for the kids. My photos don't do it justice but it gives you an idea of what this family does for Halloween. So cool and generous of them to do such a thing for their neighborhood kids.

Daddy and Hinckley waiting.

This was a shot of Chrys just after she had been calmed down by her daddy from the terrifying mummies wandering around with hideous masks.

October 2011 Came and Went

On another one of our Friday Fieldtrips, we went to a fun house that goes all out for Halloween and has free train rides on a little power engine train that takes them around the block. I guess their whole family lives together and does this full on decorative thing. So fun. We went during the day with our playgroup and then at night another time. Chrysalis was not fond of the guys in scary masks at night that jumped out at you. Hinckley was rather impartial. Orion loved the scary scene.

Hinckley and me.

The kids.

Orion making faces at me.

Silly kid that I love.

My Chrysa has the most piercing gaze sometimes.

I tried to capture some of the tunnels we went through on the train ride but Hinckley on my lap was making it difficult. This was the best I could get.

Fun stuff. They apparently do a Polar Express train too but this year it wasn't going to be operating. Oh well. Maybe next year we'll catch that one. It's seriously decked out for one family to all put together for kids to enjoy free.

Lack of money for costumes this year meant some creativity once again on my part. I saw this in a parenting magazine and decided to do it for Orion. He loved it. "He went around telling everyone I'm the I-15 highway. Check out my roads."

For anyone who's traveled the I-15 from Utah to Cali, I'm sure they've seen this funny town's name a few times and wondered how that was pronounced. At least I know I have, so I thought it would be funny to tack onto his costume. Orion kept asking me how to say it. So the question of the day is how do YOU pronounce it?

Cheapest and easiest idea for a costume ever, in my opinion.

Random church craft that Chrysa made that month. She called it her "chunky monkey." These are the things I don't want to store long term that I want to document somewhere forever.

Some Halloween crafts the kids made at the library and at our storytime with our ward Grandma, Mary Lynn Peterson.

Roman, a little boy about Hinckley's age who's family we hang out with a lot these days.

Chrysalis, the contemporary ballerina with a colorful skirt, wasn't sure what to do with so much candy. But I think she got the hang of it.

Orion definitely knew what to do. But he was so cute and funny. We got home and he asked me, "Mom, I know candy is junk food so how many can I have right now?"

Orion with his friend Gabe from Primary. Gabey's younger brother was Yoda. Cute little brothers. So, Halloween came and went. And this was a short summary of how the month of October happened for us this past year.

Random photos to be posted

Okay, I have been absent from the blog world for a while. Life has suddenly gotten crazy. So here are my catch up posts for the day. Forgive that these were from so long ago. Definitely stuff I want to publish in my blog book eventually though so that's why they're here.

Wheat Thins are yummy.

Running around on one of our Friday Fieldtrip days to the hospital to see a Helicopter but it never showed up. Sad. Oh well. Kids don't care as long as they can run and play and laugh all day.

Our little swimmer